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It‘s not Rocket Science - On the evidence of active magma upwellings in Germany - when will we have the next eruption here?

19.07.2023 at 17:30 to 19:00

For the last time this semester we invite you to a Rocket Science lecture.

Prof. Ritter will give you an insight into the world of geophysics.

The interior of the earth is not directly accessible to us humans. Therefore, we use physical methods to make processes visible there. For example, we measure the smallest ground motions of earthquake waves in field experiments in order to then localize their source and determine the source mechanism. For some years now, we have found evidence that magmatic fluids rise from the earth's mantle to the upper crust at a depth of about 45 km beneath the Laacher See volcano in the Eifel region. A large volcanic eruption took place there about 13,000 years ago, leaving a crater about 1.5 km wide, and its ash deposits are found in large parts of Europe.

The lecture will be held in German only.