IRIS Pilot Project

June 27, 2024 IRIS


This semester, the student council, in collaboration with the ETP, is launching a pilot project called IRIS (Independent Research and Innovation for Students).

The goal of the project is to support and, if possible, implement smaller research ideas from us students. If you have ever had an innovative idea while studying physics but had to abandon it due to lack of resources, now is your chance.

Possible projects could look like this:

- Do you have an idea on how to reduce the measurement error of a lab experiment through a new approach?

- Do you have a simple solution for a ubiquitous problem in research?

- Have you come up with a cost-effective solution for a known experiment?

- Do you have an idea on how to investigate an open research question?

- Do you have an idea for a program that simplifies data analysis?

Then apply to IRIS! Describe your idea in the application form and send it to You can find the application form on our website:

Do you not have your own idea but are still interested in the project?

Luckily, research is a team effort. If someone needs support with their idea, you are warmly welcome.

Are you interested but still unsure whether you want to participate?

In any case, sign up by email ( to receive the latest information.

We invite all interested people to an information meeting.

The current plan for research of your project is to take place during the lecture-free period of this summer semester at dates to be arranged.

You have until July 12th to submit your idea. It will be evaluated by Prof. Klute and Prof. Ferber. After that, you should develop a detailed project plan so you can work on your project with the provided resources in August.

For a complete description of the pilot project, feel free to visit the website:

If you have any questions, you can simply contact us by email ( These messages go only to us and not yet to the professors.

Best regards,

Marcus, Vanessa, and Sören

PS: If your idea is suitable, there is the possibility of turning it into a master's or bachelor's thesis.